Consult Enterprises Registration

- Consult and support enterprises establishment registration: private companies, one member limited liability companies,limited liability companies with two or more members, share holding companies, partnership enterprises.

+ Consult and support establishment registration: branches, representative offices, business locations.

+ Consult and support dissolution registration, business temporary suspending.

Consult registration of foreign investment projects (FDI)

+ Consult and support organizations and foreign individuals who want to invest in Danang.

+ Consult and prepare application files of investment projects for foreign investors.

+Consult and support FDI enterprises to establish branches and representative offices in Danang.

Online Support:

+ Consult enterprises registration procedures: 0511.3835.111

+ Consult investment registration procedures: 0511.3835.119
Consult enterprises registration procedures
02363 835 111
Consult investment registration procedures
02363 835 119